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Why us

Uni-Foods™ aim is to create inspirational and sustainable food service solutions that your patients, employee, staff & visitors will love.

  • A food safety control system in place with specific guidelines & policies in place.
  • Food is prepared & served in accordance with recognized food safety procedures & legislation Combination of Good Management Team.
  • Staff trained in safe hygiene practices & catering skills,
  • Appropriate Quality Controls
  • Monitoring of Food quality temperature failures at the point of serving meals to patients.
  • Schedule of cleaning of kitchen area & implementing pest control program.
  • Health checkup of staff & vaccination status at time of recruitment & periodic
  • ally.
  • Periodical inspection & auditing of the catering department

Sections on Uni-Foods™ initiatives comprise:

  • Flexi Menu pilot, providing patients with a greater choice of meals;
  • Protected Mealtimes, guaranteeing patients un-disturbed meals;
  • Sustainability, reducing environmental impact of food production;
  • Nutrition, a key issue of caterers and dieticians.

Our services actively promote healthy choices and ensure that patients, employee, staff & visitors receive healthy food that meets their nutritional requirements and preferences. Our menus reflect today’s diversity of taste and increasing demands for international cuisine. Our catering team is well trained to follow food safety and hygiene standards and training courses are being conducted on a regular basis concerning food safety, Dietary aspects, and service and patients satisfaction.

Our approach is based upon:

  • A passion for food;
  • A consumer-centric approach;
  • Highly experienced team;
  • Entrepreneurial culture;
  • Flat management structure empowered to drive change;
  • Scalable branding;
  • Retail credentials;
  • Procurement to meet the needs of the business;
  • A clear stance on principles and ethics and strong core values;
  • Inherent flexibility to deliver individual client needs; and
  • A willingness to invest to drive change.